Welcome to The Church in Singapore

The Lord’s Day Meeting (Sunday)

The Church will fellowship on the book of the  1 Peter Chapter 4.  This letter focuses on the importance of believers to continue to live a life that pleases God despite the sufferings or trials we are going through.  Do pray for our hearts, that we will be receptive to the word of God.  May we learn to experience this living Christ in our daily living and be built up with the saints.  We encourage all to come early and pray with one another for His blessings and leading before each meeting.

Youth, Young People & Adult Meeting (Saturday Afternoon)

We will be having a combined meeting this coming Saturday at level 2 main hall.  There will be a word of encouragement followed by a mini love feast dinner.  May the Lord lead and guide us as we desire to love and seek after Him in our daily lives.

Bible Study (Saturday Evening)

We will pursue on –  “The Trinity” for our bible study fellowship.  Who is God?  Is there a Creator?  What does it mean to have the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit?  Come join us to pursue the word of God together.

Notice: There is a special Gospel Meeting on 30 March 2018 (Friday) at 10:30am.