The Church in Singapore

Upcoming This Weekend…

The Lord’s Day Meeting (Sunday, Onsite at 9.45am & 2.00pm)

The church will share on the book of 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12.  Do come and join us onsite as we give praises to God together in one accord!
There will be no broadcast of Live Stream from 1 May 2022.  Recordings will be available on our website after 12 noon on Sundays

Young Adult Meeting (Saturday, Onsite at 2.00pm)

The Young Adults will continue to fellowship on various “Truth Topics” in the Bible.  We pursue God together and go deeper in relationship with the Lord through our small groups meetings every week.

Youth Meeting (Saturday, Onsite at 4.00pm)

The Youths are pursuing on the different aspects of  “Christian Living”, and how they need to experience the Lord daily to strengthen their faith, so that they can grow spiritually and be a ‘useful and honourable vessel’ in the house of God.

Bible Study Meeting (Saturday, Zoom at 5.15pm on 28 May)

We will continue to pursue on the book of Romans.  Recordings are available here.