Welcome to The Church in Singapore

The Lord’s Day Meeting (Sunday  10am)

Recently, the church had 3 camps (Youth-Adult-Elderly) in June.  We will therefore have sharing from the saints about the experiences and riches they have gained from the camps.  May we learn to experience this living Christ in our daily living and be built up together with the saints.  We encourage all to come early and pray with one another for His blessings and leading before each meeting.

Youth – “Ordinary Youth, Extraordinary Calling”
Adult – “Living God’s Purposeful Life”
Elderly – “The Garment For The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb”

Please note:  There will only be ONE session at 10am on 14/7.

Youth & Young People Meeting (Saturday Afternoon 4pm)

The Youths are pursuing –  “The Normal Christian Life”.  As members of the Body of Christ, we must learn to co-work with one another and to encourage one another to press on toward gaining Christ our Lord.  Therefore, we need to first reflect and establish a proper personal christian walk with the Lord.

Adult Meeting (Saturday Afternoon 4pm)

The Adults will fellowship on the Book of  Nehemiah.  God is always at work throughout the world.  The only way to serve God is to acknowledge that He is always in control of all situation, so let us trust Him wholeheartedly.

Bible Study (Saturday Afternoon 4pm)

We will begin to share on the Book of  1 Kings Chapter 12-16 for the next 3 months (Jul-Sep).  Come join us to hear this Good News and find out Who is this wonderful Saviour in our life.