Welcome to The Church in Singapore

The Lord’s Day Meeting (Sunday)

The Church is pursuing the Gospel of Mark 12.  Do pray for our hearts, that we will be receptive to the word of God.  May we learn to experience this living Christ in our daily living and be built up with the saints.  We encourage all to come early and pray with one another for His blessings and leading before each meeting.

Youth, Young People’s Meeting (Saturday Afternoon)

The Youths will study on the book of Esther Chapter 4.  Here we will see how Queen Esther had the boldness to pray and fast for her people and that God could do His mighty work and save His people.

Adult’s Meeting (Saturday Afternoon)

The Adults will fellowship on Exodus 30.  Let us come together and learn the various significance of each furniture that was placed in the Tabernacle and how we can apply it in our lives.

Bible Study (Saturday Night)

We will share on a topic : “The Apologetics – Defense of the Christian Faith”.  Pray that the Lord will strengthen our Christian faith and that we will have a closer walk with Him daily.