Gospel Meeting

Sharing the Gospel to people brings joy and peace to everyone.

Praise the Lord! We encourage saints to submit your gospel friends’ names via the Gospel Friends Form or scan the QRcode above.

Videos of recorded Gospel Meeting are available below.

“Jesus Is Our Saviour”
09/08/2023 “The Good News of Salvation” (NEW)

15/01/2022 “Turning Water into Wine”
12/02/2022 “There’s A Peace In My Heart”
12/03/2022 “Jesus Is Our Saviour”
15/04/2022 “Jesus Saves Us From Our Sins”
26/12/2022 “God Wants To Dwell With Man”
09/01/2021 “The Prodigal Son Returns”
20/02/2021 “God Loves You”
13/03/2021 “From Darkness Into Light”
02/04/2021 “In The Cross, Be My Glory Ever”
01/05/2021 “Jesus Is The Bread Of Life”
12/06/2021 “The Meaning Of Life”
10/07/2021 “What Sinners Need”
09/08/2021 “Jesus Heals And Saves”
11/09/2021 “The Story Of Salvation”
09/10/2021 “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”
13/11/2021 “The Door To Eternal Life”
25/12/2021 “Life’s True Meaning”
03/10/2020 “Look At Jesus”
07/11/2020 “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”
25/12/2020 “Because He Lives”